We had to write a fable for class in the form that another fable was written in. Here’s my attempt:

The Clever Puppy

Two puppies were trekking together under a bridge, when a man rushed out on them. One of the puppies continued to walk in front, and he saw nets from the arms of the catcher, and walked himself inside the trap. The other, seeing no help for him, flung himself straight down in a bush, with his tail in the air. The man, marching over to it, put his hand in its bush, and rummaged and rummaged. But at last with a groan he shook his fist and strode off, for men will not chase clever puppies. Then the puppy in the bush came out to his pal, and, whimpering, said, “What was it that Master Catcher jeered to you?”

“He told me,” cried the prisoner,



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