Grey (Revised)

I stared into his flashing grey eyes. His eyes spelled danger when they looked like this. Hard and cold like ice, those grey eyes pierced into mine, making a shiver run down my spine. Like always, I averted my eyes. I hated that he had this effect on me. It wasn’t the look he gave me that made me squirm uncomfortably, but the way the color of his eyes changed with each emotion that ran through him. Take right now as an example. I know he’s not completely furious with me, if he were his hands would be balled into tight fists, his knuckles turning white. It’s the way his grey eyes change from a milky texture to a hard, cold glare in seconds that makes my hair stand on end.

I’ve never experienced such a sensation with anyone else but him. His eyes were magical, or at least the color was. I know it sounds weird to say that, but they spoke to me in a way no other pair of eyes could. When he was angry, like now, the grey would look tough and like they could hurt you, like a steal pipe. I believe this is why I’m so frightened of him now. The thought that he can easily injure me with just a flick of his hand is very frightening to someone who is very fragile. But his eyes don’t always look so hard and cruel. There are times when he’s very cunning. His eyes go into slits and a smile curls up the sides of his face. The grey goes from his normal, out-of-it milky glaze to a more clear grey, like the way a snowy sky looks right before it rips open and snow comes falling down. In a way both his grey eyes and the grey snowy sky do the same thing. While the sky grows grey, opens up, and let’s snow out so do his eyes become the same color grey, but instead of his eyes opening up his mouth opens, and the most shocking revelations come pouring out. The cunning glow that his eyes give off in those situations is very different from the glow his eyes give off when he’s happy. The happy glow is very rare and I’ve only seen it once or twice and only for a minute, so it’s very hard to describe what it looks like. Unfortunately, the look I usually see in his eyes is sadness. It’s the worst look I’ve ever see in his eyes, like complete emptiness. The grey becomes very dark, almost completely black, and vacant, like he’s not even alive. I never understood his eyes or their color change so I scrutinized them constantly. But now I know.

I rewrote my color essay because I decided that I didn’t like the first one and since my professor changed to due date I thought I should probably rewrite it..oh that and she lost my first one so it’s not like she got to read it anyway.


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