Paper Girl

She is a piece of paper,

Forgotten on the sidewalk,

In the school hallway,

At home.

She floats where the wind blows

From place to place

Person to person.

They write their pains on her,

Their sorrows fill up her lines,

And once there is no more room to write,

They crumple her up,

And throw her away.

This is a metaphor poem I wrote for my Advanced Composition class. It was great because I sat in class for a good 10 minutes and I couldn’t think of anything. Then this just came to me and it was great because I love that feeling. Then it was also great when I showed it to my professor to make sure I did it right and he said it was good. Then he said he could recommend me to a therapist if I needed one, haha! It was fantastic.


2 thoughts on “Paper Girl

    • Haha thanks 🙂 I say I cannot write poetry because I think this is the best poem I’ve ever wrote in my whole life. I used to really like poetry, but kind of grew out of it. My boyfriend says he liked my poetry that I wrote before we met, but I personally thought they were kind of silly 🙂

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