Winter’s Bliss: Chapter Four

Several days had passed since the kiss and Christine hadn’t heard a word from Jon. She was starting to worry that she blew her plan before it even started. The kiss wasn’t exactly part of her plan. She didn’t know how it happened, and part of her blamed him for it. He was the one who initiated the hug, she didn’t ask for it. Everything would’ve been fine if he just let her stand there and cry. That’s what any other guy would’ve done, but Jon had to be different. The other part of her that didn’t blame him wasn’t sure whose fault it was. Although he initiated the hug Christine didn’t have to go in for the kiss. She was never that spontaneous no matter whom she was trying to get with. Knowing that Jon wasn’t going to come see her any time soon, if ever again, Christine finally decided to take matters into her own hands.

It was pretty warm the Saturday before school started up again as Christine strolled across the cul-de-sac to Jon’s house. She was tempted to unzip her jacket, revealing the dark purple, low cut, short sleeved shirt she was wearing, but she decided to keep that a surprise until she was inside the house. Christine stepped carefully up the front steps to Jon’s house, making sure she didn’t slip on the slush that was forming from the heat, and knocked loudly on the door. She was feeling confident about the confrontation, until Mr. Wilson opened the front door. Her head zipped toward the drive way because she didn’t see his car there as she walked up, and it wasn’t there now. It must be in the garage, she considered. Mr. Wilson cleared his throat, reminding Christine that he was still standing there. Turning back toward him, Christine pasted one of her best smiles onto her face and said, “Good afternoon Mr. Wilson is Jon at home?”

Mr. Wilson looked her up and down for a minute before answering. The last time he had seen her was when she was eight years old, and she knew that she looked completely different from then. Not knowing what kind of relationship Jon had with his father, she wasn’t sure if Jon had told his father anything about the way she acted now. He could have the impression that she’s the school whore, which isn’t wrong but not an impression she would want a parent to have of her. But Mr. Wilson gave her a weak smile and said, “He’s in his room, Christine. Would you like to come in?” She accepted his invitation and he held the door open just wide enough for her to walk inside. From what Christine could remember of Jon’s house ten years ago, it hadn’t changed one bit. Still the same sandstone colored furniture just slightly beat up, the same tan rug, even the same entertainment system. Mr. Wilson hadn’t even changed. He was still the tall, lanky, and slightly balding computer nerd that he had been when she first met Jon. It was like everything in the house had stood still in time.

“His room is up the hall and to the right,” Mr. Wilson said, pointing in the direction.

“Thank you,” and Christine headed up the three stairs that led to the hallway. She could tell instantly what room was Jon’s, even if his dad hadn’t pointed out where to go. It was the only room that had sounds from the video game Halo emanating from it. The door was closed, so Christine knocked and waited for him to answer. When the sounds of the video game didn’t stop, she knocked again just a little bit louder. Finally the game was paused and she heard Jon sigh as he got up to answer the door. When the door was flung open a look of shock covered Jon’s face in a matter of seconds. The look was quickly changed from shock to embarrassment to awkwardness.

“Hi,” Christine whispered, now feeling slightly shy.

“Hey,” Jon said. Running his fingers through his hair, he looked from her to his room to the floor. Christine thought he looked so adorable when he wasn’t sure what to do, but threw the thought out of her head almost immediately. “Uh, do you want to… come in?” He held the door open and Christine stepped around him to get inside. She took a good look around his room, which was the only room in the house that seemed to escape being frozen in time. To cover up the baby wallpaper, he placed posters of video games and bands Christine never heard of all over his wall. He now had a television, X-Box, and shelves with books and Transformer action figures filling every inch of space. She heard the door close behind them, and turned to face him. He was still looking a bit awkward, which made Christine even more nervous.

“Do you want to take your jacket off? Stay awhile?” he suggested and Christine obliged. Jon began to blush immediately at her attire, which made Christine turn slightly red. Crossing the room, he took a seat in the swivel chair that was in front of the TV, and turned it to face her. “You can take a seat,” he said pointing to the edge of his bed. Sitting down made Christine feel less uncomfortable about the whole situation. “So…” Jon began trying to break the silence, “what brings you here?”

“I just wanted to talk.”

“Oh okay,” silence began to fill the room again as the two sat awkwardly across from each other. “What about?”

“I kind of wanted to talk about the last time we saw each other.” Jon began to fidget like he always did when he was nervous. “I wanted to know what your thoughts were about it.”

“Look, I’m sorry about running off like that, if that’s what you want me to say. I just didn’t know how to handle it. It was… weird. I never expected that you would react toward me like that. I’m not saying that I didn’t like it but…. It was weird.” They sat in silence again because Christine didn’t know what to say to this. She wanted the truth and that’s what she got but it wasn’t what she wanted to hear. Sure she was glad he apologized for the way he acted, and that he admitted to liking the kiss, but she never thought he would think that it was weird for them to act that way toward each other.

“That’s it? You didn’t feel anything else?” Christine asked. She had to know if there were any other feelings going through him if she wanted her plan to work out.

“Well, there is one more thing,” he closed his eyes and took a breath, “I don’t want to turn out like all those other guys you’ve been with. I don’t want us to be just one night and that’s it. If you’ve been trying to talk to me because I’m just another conquest to you then I don’t want any part in it. If you’re serious about all this, talking, hanging out, the kiss, then I’m fine with that. I’m fine with the thought of a long term relationship with you.” And Bingo was his name-o, was the only thing Christine could think. This was the exact opposite of what she expected from Jon. Instead of a quick conquest, like she thought he would be, he’s also seeking something long term, something meaningful. Of course, he didn’t consider this whole relationship to be a conquest like she did. He was exactly what she had been looking for.

“Ok,” Christine blurted out, “fine, perfect!”

“Really?” he asked in disbelief and relief spread all over his face. Any sadness and anxiety that lingered in his eyes was completely gone for that moment. Christine jumped off the bed and right into his arms, flopping down into his lap. They embraced each other in a passionate kiss, more passionate than Christine had ever experienced with anyone. Although she was enjoying the moment, knowing she had roped in her biggest challenge ever, at the same time she felt guilty. Jon was truly happy that he finally had someone to be with, but Christine was just looking at this as another conquest. Within the first minute of what was going to be her first real relationship, Christine had lied to her boyfriend.

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