Winter’s Bliss: Chapter Seven

If Christine owned a diary she knew what the entry about her Valentine’s Day date would say. Forgetting all about the events that happened before they went to Jon’s house at first, Christine would begin the entry with:

Dear Diary,

Tonight Jon and I finally had sex.

That is all the entry would need at that moment. She would then go into detail of the night that led up to that moment. After she had confessed her feelings to Jon, they began to kiss, and in the next moment they were both laying on their backs on Jon’s bed, panting. If Christine had known all she had to do was confess her love to him she would have done it weeks ago and saved some time. The issue now was how she was going to break it off with Jon. Christine felt guilty thinking about this. Usually she just stopped talking to the boy and he understood. Jon thought she was in love with him, that’s why he gave in, and breaking up with him now would only hurt him more than it would have if she broke up with him without getting what she wanted. Not only would it hurt him but Christine knew it would hurt her too. No matter how much she wanted to deny it, she did love Jon. If she left him now she would be hurting just as much, maybe even more, than he would be. If she didn’t dump him though people would think that she really did change, that she no longer slept with one guy right after the other. But didn’t people think that already? Jon had been her longest relationship, and to ruin it to prove everyone wrong, to show that she didn’t change, would hurt more than she wanted it to.

Rolling over in her bed, Christine faced the wall as she thought about her options. No matter which way she thought about it, though, she did not want to make the decision for herself. She wished that someone else could make up her mind for her. As Christine drifted off to sleep that night, she didn’t even bother to wipe away the tears that silently fell down her cheeks.

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