Winter’s Bliss: Chapter Ten: Epilogue

Ten months later, Christine and Jon lived in an apartment that wasn’t far from their old neighborhood. Mr. Wilson was taking care of the expenses until Jon and Christine could pick up on the payments. Mrs. Raymond placed herself in a rehab as soon as Christine informed her of the new family member she was bringing into the world. She had realized that her daughter needed her more than she thought she did. Jon was attending the local community college, as well as holding a part time job. His greatest accomplishment was convincing Christine that Harvard could kiss his ass and that he didn’t mind the slightest in giving up his dream college to be with her. Christine went into labor in October, and brought a baby girl into the world. They named her Lenore.

After everything Christine had been through, she never thought her life would turn out the way she did. The moment she found out she was having a girl was the greatest moment of her life. On that day, she vowed that she would not have her daughter go through what she went through. Deep down inside Christine knew she wouldn’t have to worry because Jon was there to help her through whatever troubles life threw her way. Watching Jon hold Lenore Christine knew that deciding to try to get with her old best friend that one winter day was probably the best decision she ever made.

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