1985 part 2

Christine was wrong thinking that going to the library would help her concentrate more because the words of her friends followed her all the way to the back table in the library. She was glad that they didn’t think she was an airhead, no matter how much she tried to act like on in order to be accepted by Courtney and her group. She couldn’t even be mad that they called her a brunette because that was just pointing out the obvious. Everyone in Courtney’s group was blonde, and Courtney rarely associated with anyone who wasn’t. But when John took that extra step and called her a Joanie that was just unfair. Christine didn’t think that she was a Joanie, and felt that she was cooler than those three combined. Throwing her pencil down on the table in frustration, Christine covered her face with her hands and rubbed her eyes. Maybe they did have a point. As Christine thought about her life up to that point she realized she didn’t have many friends besides the three that she hung out with. Anyone who was even considered high on the social ladder never talked to her, and when they did it was usually to get answers for their homework. She was never invited to any of the parties that were held, and even if she was she doubted she would even go.

Groaning, Christine put her head down on the table and muttered, “I’m a Joanie.”

“You got the stuff?”

At the sound of other voices Christine’s head snapped up. Half concealed by the book shelves Christine could see a tall, lanky kid with freckles and a Croc Dundee Hat talking to Seth. Her heart skipped several beats at the sight of Seth in tight stonewashed jeans, a ripped Slayer tee, a jean jacket covered in chains, and his long curly hair just brushed out of his eyes. Christine was infatuated with Seth and tried everything to get him to tell her the time of day.

“Yeah, right here,” Seth replied to the kid. Christine watched as Seth reached into the pocket of her jean jacket and pulled out a small plastic baggie. She saw Seth slip it to the kid, who gave him some money in return. Christine gasped as she realized what just happened. Covering her mouth quickly, she was hoping that neither of the boys heard her. The taller kid didn’t seem to notice as he pocketed the drugs and walked away. But Seth’s eyes caught Christine’s and he held them, nailing Christine to the spot. The bell rang, pulling Christine away from the hypnotizing gaze and back to where she was. Snatching her books off the table she raced to the door, not wanting Seth to catch up with her.

Out in the hall she walked quickly down the hall toward her classroom. Behind her she heard hurried footsteps.

“Hey wait!” Glancing behind her she saw Seth calling out. She didn’t want to stop but thought it would look more suspicious if she kept at the pace she was going after looking back at him so she slowed down and waited for him. “What’s the rush?” he asked when he caught up to her.

“Well the bell rang so I was hurrying off to class,” Christine blurted out quickly.

Seth looked at her curiously, “Class?”


Leaning against the wall he looked closely at Christine, which made her break out in a sweat. “Oh okay, well, I wouldn’t want to keep you from class Christine.” Omygod, he knows my name, Christine thought frantically. “I just want to make sure that you know nothing was going on back there besides a nice conversation between two friends.” All words were caught in her throat and all she could do was smile and nod. “Cool. You know, you’re a pretty awesome chick. We should chill some time.”

Christine’s eyes grew wide and she nodded, “Ok.” Smiling at her, Seth stood up straight and walked around her, leaving her staring after him in the middle of the hallway.

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