NOTE: I’m trying to place this story in 1985 (hence the title) so I did some research since I was born in 1989. If anything is off at all, which there definitely will be mistakes, I’d like someone to inform me of them so I can fix them. This is another story for Christine because she enjoys being in my stories and I enjoy writing them for her.

Christine slouched at her desk, her hand holding up her head as she gazed out the window in a trance. She was only half listening to the teacher drone on about quantum physics, a completely different topic then the one they were on ten minutes ago. He just became very excited any time someone challenged his knowledge in physics which led him to go on a rant to prove them wrong. Usually the rant would lead them to the topic on quantum physics and since no one understood what he was talking about they couldn’t prove him wrong. This was the third time they had to hear this speech and it was only the second month into school.

The bell rang and Christine nearly fell out of her seat. She didn’t realize it was so close to the end of the class period. Grabbing her books she had just enough time to hear the homework assignment, a paper on the importance of quantum physics, before she left the room. It was a good thing she actually took notes the first two times he ranted about the topic. Being the smartest kid in the school didn’t help her when it came to topics like quantum physics. She would have to study her notes hard that night before even attempting to write the assignment.

Stopping in front of her locker, Christine quickly opened it and stuffed her books inside grabbing the ones she would need after lunch.  Her heart skipped a beat when she slammed her locker shut and saw her friend John standing behind it. He had a skateboard tucked under his arm, was wearing a lime green hat that pushed his long blonde hair into his eyes, a long Celtic Frost tee shirt, and had several rubber bands around his right wrist. He smiled to reveal brightly colored braces.

“What are you doing?” Christine asked with laughter in her voice.

John frowned, “What? Don’t I look bad to the bone?”

“You look absolutely cheesy!” Turning from him she began to walk down the hall toward the cafeteria.

“You wouldn’t say that about Seth!”

Christine gave John a death look. “Shut up! Anyway, Seth doesn’t have to try to look bad to the bone, he just is.”

“Why, because he skips school and smokes pot?”

Ignoring him, she entered the cafeteria, threw her books on a table near the door, and got in the lunch line. Nothing was ever that appetizing, and today wasn’t any exception, so without paying much attention to what she was taking she grabbed a peanut butter sandwich, an apple, and a small carton of white milk, paid for her meal and went back to the table which was filled with the usual crowd of nerds. Taking a seat, Christine entered into a conversation on Dungeons and Dragons. She would never understand that fascination they had with this game, and they would never understand why she didn’t have a fascination with the game.

“I got Prisoners of PaxTharkas yesterday in the mail. We should try it out this weekend at my house,” John was saying as Christine sat down. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to participate in the conversation she pulled out her English Literature notebook to double check her answers before class.

“If your little sister isn’t going to be there bothering us then you’ve got yourself a game,” Steve, a fellow senior, said. “Otherwise I vote on Frank’s house.”

“Why my house? You know how my mother gets when I don’t inform her of hosting activities at least two weeks in advance.” Frank was a year younger than the rest of them, but he was smart enough that it seemed like he was in the same grade.

“Yeah, and it is my game,” John interjected.

“Well, Frank’s mom makes the best sandwiches,” Steve retorted. “And he’s an only child too.”

“What do you want me to do then? Lock my sister in a closet? My mother would have a cow!”

“Like awesome hat dweeb.” Flinging around in their seats the three boys and Christine saw a girl with bleach blonde hair, a tan, and a bit too much make-up on surrounded by a gaggle of girls who looked exactly like her, standing behind them.

“You really think so Courtney?” John asked, sounding a little embarrassed.

The group of girls glanced at one another and giggled. “Like fer shure,” Courtney said with a small roll of her eyes. Staring back at Christine, Courtney continued, “Got my homework for McDermit, Chris?”

“Oh yeah, it’s right here,” Christine said fumbling through her trapper keeper to find the right papers. Removing three sheets she handed them to Courtney who snatched them out of her hand.

“Thanks! McDermit would’ve like totally spazzed if I didn’t have it today.”

“No problem! Are we still on for this Saturday?” Christine asked half holding her breath.

Courtney looked around at her friends before answering. “You know what Chris, I completely forgot but I like have this thing to go to with my parents. It’s one of their like totally lame work parties but they like insist on me like going, so I’m gonna have to reschedule.”

Christine’s heart sank, “Oh, that’s fine. Some other time then.”

“Yeah, but like thanks again!” Without a formal goodbye the group of girls strutted away from the table, swaying their hips from side to side. Christine let out a sigh.

“That girl is majorly bodacious,” John said as soon as he lifted his jaw off the ground.

“I don’t understand how you can want to hang out with her, Chris,” Frank said.

“Don’t call me that,” Christine snapped. “I hate it when people call me Chris.”

“But you let Courtney call you it.”

“Yeah, well that’s different.”

“Face it Christine,” Steve interjected, “you’ll never be accepted into their group.”

Christine glared at the two boys, “Give me one good reason why they wouldn’t want to hang out with me.”

“You’re a brunette.”

“You’re not an airhead.”

“And, no offense Christine, but you’re pretty much a Joanie.”

Christine shot death glares at the three boys. She shot up out of her seat and started to gather up her books, “Well at least I don’t spend my weekends sitting in someone’s living room playing some lame board game.” Before the boys could even show their outrage she scooped up her tray and left the cafeteria for the library where she could get some peace and quiet.

Other notes:

I’m trying to write as much as possible this summer so look for:


– Maybe a few short little writings based off dreams I had

-I’m really trying to write that sci-fi/fantasy one I was working on before, that still doesn’t have a title. I’m going to start from the beginning using third person instead of first and see how that goes.

-There will also be lots of revisions since I enjoy revising now. I realized my writing makes me really happy after I revise it like 5 different times haha!


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