1985 part 3

Christine ran around her room trying to find something to wear. After school that day Seth had met up with her and, to the amazement of her friends, asked if she wanted to hang later that evening. Trying to stay calm, Christine smiled and accepted. Once Seth walked away though, she let her excitement out.

“Can you guys believe it!?” she shrieked.

“No. What did you do, give him drugs?” John asked, staring wide eyed at her.

“Well, not exactly.” Christine told them about the scene she saw in the library.

“So because you didn’t rat him out he wants to hang out?” Steve asked skeptically.

“Totally. Face it, your little Joanie is growing up.”

After she got home though, the reality of what happened sunk in. Rushing up to her room she started rummaging through her closet, trying to find something that wasn’t to lame to wear. But after an hour of frantically searching, Christine finally gave up. Sinking onto her bed she had to admit that she didn’t have anything she could wear that would impress Seth.

After sulking for several minutes she jolted up realizing that, although she might not have something to wear, her brother might. Bolting down the hall, Christine almost barged right into her brother’s room. It was locked, though, and instead her whole body slammed into it, making a bang.

“Ouch!” she yelled as she bounced off the door and onto the floor. Within seconds her brother was in front of her, his door opened a sliver.

“What?” he asked sounding annoyed.

Standing up slowly, Christine asked, “I was wondering if I could borrow one of your band shirts?”

His eyes turned into suspicious slits as he stared at her, half curious to know what she was up to and half not caring. “Why?”

“No reason. I just want to wear one.”

He snorted. “Yeah right, nice try. I’m not letting you wear anything of mine until I hear a god reason why I should.”

Christine sighed. “Look, Benny, I’m going out with this guy tonight and I was to look like I fit in.”

“No, you’ll look like a poser.” Benny began to close the door on her but Christine stuck out her hand to stop it.

“Please Benny!” she begged. “This could be my only chance to hang out with Seth and I need him to like me.” It wasn’t until after she finished her sentence that she realized what she said. Benny’s eyes grew wide at Seth’s name. Benny and Seth did not get along, even though they were into the same things. Christine knew it was because Benny didn’t like that Seth does drugs, otherwise they would’ve been best buddies.

“Now I’m definitely not letting you borrow my clothes and no, it’s not because you’re going out with Seth.”

“Why not then!”

“Even if you don’t wear my clothes you’re going to look like a major poser. Majorly.” Benny succeeded in closing the door on Christine’s face and she heard the lock click back into place.

Skulking back to her room, Christine accepted the face that she was going out with people she had nothing in common with. Hopefully by the end of the night that would be changed. Opening a box on her dresser, she pulled out some money and pocketed it. Hearing a horn outside, Christine peered out her window and saw Seth’s T-bird outside. Heart pounding, she slipped on a pair of shoes and raced down the stairs.

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