1985 part 6

The next day at school Christine told John all about her night out with Seth.

“Seth invited you to a party?” he asked incredulously. “You’re gonna go right?”

“Well duh! Why would I pass up a chance to go to Seth’s house?” Christine slammed her locker shut and they began to walk to homeroom. “The only thing I’m worried about it Courtney. She looked like she was about to have a cow seeing me and Seth hanging out. At least she didn’t find out that he invited me to his party.”

You were invited to Seth’s party?”Christine whipped around at the sound of Courtney’s voice. She was stopped in the doorway of her homeroom glaring in disbelief at Christine. “How does that happen? I know you guys like don’t chill together because that was the first time I’ve ever seen you two like anywhere near each other. That and like everyone knows how much Seth and your brother hate each other. I’m totally surprised he even let you leave the house with him.” Christine was too shocked to say anything. Suddenly, Courtney was right in her face, “I swear Wheeler, if you do not leave Seth alone I will make you wish you were never born.” The bell rang and Courtney backed off and headed into her homeroom, leaving Christine and John scared stiff in the hallway.

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