Day 2: The Meeting

The man stood at the edge of the platform, looking down the tunnel, trying to spy the light of the train. He stepped back and began to pace, constantly keeping an eye on his watch. The train was late, which meant he was late. No one else at the platform seemed perturbed by this. He sat on a bench and opened his newspaper in an attempt to calm himself. But his mind wouldn’t rest. Looking over the edge of his newspaper, he noticed one woman who looked almost as anxious as he did. She was pacing along the edge of the platform, constantly looking down the tunnel for the light. He could hear her muttering.

“Where is it? I have to go.” Then, finally, the sound of the train’s whistle could be heard bouncing off the tunnel walls. The man stood up, and walked toward the edge of the platform where the woman was standing, now staring blankly at the wall.

“Late for a meeting?” he asked her.

“The most important meeting of my life,” the woman responded. As the train came pulling in the station, the woman jumped out to meet it. The man’s arm swung out to grab her a second too late. The train screeched to a halt. As the man stood on the platform, his arm still stretched out, his first thought was, Now I’m really going to be late.

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