Day 1: The Mermaid

“Is she dead?” Brian asked.
The two boys stood at the edge of the ocean, staring down at a beautiful woman, her body half in the water. She looked pale.
“I don’t know,” Darren replied as another wave of water spread under her body, making her blond hair move up and down on the beach. “Let’s get her out of the water.” Both boys grabbed her under each arm and pulled until she was fully out of the water before they dropped her.
“What the hell is that?” Brian asked as he backed away. Darren, on the other hand, stepped around her and knelt down next to where her legs should have been.
“It looks like a fin,” he said. he was trying to keep quiet about it, but Brian, who continued to back away, couldn’t hear him.
“A what?”
“A fin.” Darren looked up at him and scowled. “Would you get back here. It’s not like she’s contagious. Brian reluctantly took a few steps forward.
“A fin? You mean like a mermaid?” Now both boys were kneeling next to her. Curious, Brian began poking and prodding the fish half of the woman.
“Would you stop,” Darren snapped. He didn’t know why he was so concerned about her. If anything, he should be planning ways get rich off this, but instead he was planning ways to hide her. “Here, Brian, help me.” Taking their towels, Darren wrapped them around mermaid’s fin, and the two boys carefully carried her under a pier where they were sure they wouldn’t be spotted. As soon as they put her down, the girl stirred. Opening her eyes, she jolted up into a weird sitting position and let out a noise that sounded like nails on a chalk board. Darren and Brian covered their ears.

“Who are you?” she asked, sounding panicked.

“We’re not going to hurt you,” Darren tried to explain. “We’re here to help.” The mermaid stared at the two boys for several minutes. Everything was quiet. Now that she was awake, Darren noticed that she was more beautiful than he thought. Her skin began to have a pinkish glow and her eyes were the color of the ocean. Sea green would be the color in a set of crayons, and Darren was beginning to get lost in those eyes.

“You wish to help me?” she asked no longer afraid. “Take me home.”

“We can’t possibly do that,” Brian said. “We can’t breathe under water.”

“There is no need,” she replied, and both boys thought she made perfect sense. The mermaid held out her hand. “Help me.” The boys helped her back toward the ocean. The cold water hit their legs, but didn’t bother them. They swam out far, until they could no longer feel the bottom of the ocean. It was there that, to thank the boys for their help, the mermaid drowned them, making sure to release them of hypnosis so they could receive her full appreciation.

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