Day 6: Hansel and Gretel

“We’re lost, Gretel!”

“Well if you had just asked for directions like I said-“

“Oh shove off!”

Hansel and Gretel had never been more lost in their lives. They had been wandering around the woods for hours, not quite sure what they were looking for. Their father had sent them off to look for… something. As they thought about it, it became harder to remember what they were sent to look for.

“Let’s just follow the breadcrumbs back and ask father,” Gretel suggested.

“Good idea. Our only problem is there are no breadcrumbs to follow.”

“What?” Turning, Gretel noticed a flock of birds that were slowly following them, snatching up the breadcrumbs before they hit the ground. Gretel began to shoo them away, but it was no use. Their only way of getting home was being digested.

“Told you that was a stupid idea. Now not only are we lost, but we have no food!” Suddenly, the children smelled a sweet scent blowing in the wind.

“What’s that?” Gretel asked.

“Smells like… cookies.” The two children ran off the winding path toward the smell. Making their way through some bushes, they came across a house. Smoke was coming from the chimney, and so was the smell. Hansel ran forward. “Can you believe this? This house is made of.. food!”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Hansel.” To Gretel’s horror, Hansel took a chunk off the house and began to eat it. “What are you doing! You can’t just eat someone’s house.”

“But it’s delicious! You have to try this.” He held out a piece of the window to her. Gretel looked around, but didn’t see anyone spying on them. Walking over to her brother, she took the piece from his hand and nibbled on it. He was right, it was delicious. As the children began to devour the house, they didn’t notice that they were being spied on by two glowing eyes, staring at them from the attic.

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