Day 8: Wrath

A/N: This week I’m going to attempt to do one seven deadly sin per day. Let’s hope I do a decent job!

She did not like her. No; she hated her. Every time she saw her, there was just something about her that made her want to scream. No one liked her, and she knew. She hated them for it. But she kept the anger inside, bottled it up until there was no where left to put it. So, she lashed out. Lost everyone but the one person who couldn’t stand her the most. As she climbed the stool and placed her head through the rope, she smiled at the thought that now everyone would be happy. She was finally pleasing herself.

2 thoughts on “Day 8: Wrath

    • Thanks! I’ve wanted to write something on the Seven Deadly Sins for a while, so I thought a week of them would be a good way for me to try. Also having a theme each week helps me think of ideas.

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