Day 13: Gluttony

He ferreted through the cabinets, drawers, and closets. There had to be one more left. There just had to. His apartment was trashed by time he was done searching. He came up empty handed, and at this time of day he knew it would be impossible to get some more. But he needed to find some way to have it. He stared around his apartment, wracking his brain for a place it may be hiding. Suddenly, he noticed a bottle of mouthwash that somehow found its way from the bathroom to the living room. In his haste he must have thrown it farther than he thought. Careful not to trip over anything, he picked up the bottle and stared at it. His salvation. Ripping the cap off, he downed a quarter of the bottle. It burned going down, the same way Southern Comfort did the first time he tried it. It brought back memories. Sitting on the couch, he began to reminisce as he continued to drink the mouth wash. It wasn’t as good, too minty, but would have to suffice until he could go buy more alcohol.

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