Day 16: Occupation: Fairy Godmother

I wasn’t sure what to do. I was in love. The head over heels, butterflies in my stomach, I’m going to throw up all over myself kind of love. I was in trouble. I wasn’t allowed to be in love, especially not with Cinderella. It was against the rules to fall in love with your charge. The council knew being the only male fairy godmother was going to be tough, but I’m sure they wouldn’t even let this one slide. In fact, it would probably give them more of an incentive to not let guys become fairy godmothers. Not like they’d want to. Being a fairy godmother is no picnic. You have to follow around snotty girls all day and grant their every wish. Not that Cinderella is snotty. She’s probably the only girl I know that isn’t a snotty brat. That’s probably the reason why I fell for her. Of course I can’t have her though. She’s madly in love with this prince who, in my opinion, is a real douche bag, but I can’t seem to convince her otherwise. It’s probably for the best. Who wants to date a guy who has the job title “Fairy Godmother” anyway?

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