Day 17: The Dwarves Decision

“Is she stupid, or something?” one dwarf asked the others.

“I don’t know,” a second chimed in. “Must be.”

As the dwarves gathered inside the cottage, they stood in a circle around Snow White’s lifeless body. “This is the third time we came back to find her dead on the floor,” the seventh dwarf said.

The fifth dwarf’s stomach growled. “No dinner ready, either.”

“We should just leave her.”

“Let her die?” the sixth dwarf asked, sounding stunned. “You must be joking, four!”

“Well she’s dead anyway,” the fourth dwarf continued, as he gentle prodded Snow White’s side with his foot.

“I don’t know,” the sixth dwarf said, “she doesn’t look completely dead to me.”

“You’re just sticking up for her because you have a crush on her,” the first dwarf teased.

The Sixth dwarf blushed. “Do not!”

“I’ve seen you up at night, staring at her.”

“I’m only up at night because I willingly gave up my bed to her! It’s very uncomfortable sharing a bed with you lot.”

“Enough arguing,” the second dwarf said. “What are we going to do?”

“Let’s put her in a coffin and ship her out to sea,” the seventh dwarf suggested.

“How about we put her in a coffin and see if she wakes up,” the sixth dwarf said, glaring at the seventh.

“How will we see if she wakes up if she’s in a coffin, dummy?”

“It will be a glass coffin.”

It was settled. The dwarves, some less willingly than others, put together a glass coffin where they gently laid Snow White. Taking her to a mountain top, they sat and waited with her, wondering if she would ever wake up.

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