Day 28: The Trouble with Modern Times (revised)

The tree scraped roughly across Smith’s arm as he dove for cover. Copying off the movies he had been forced to watch, he crawled along the ground until he was safely hidden behind a large oak. His eyes closed, Smith tried to block out the sounds of destruction behind him and focused on his breathing.
“What are you doing!” he heard Leonie yell at him. His eyes shot open, and he turned to his left where Leonie was also taking cover behind a tree. “Get out there!”
There was a crash and a roar. “Are you crazy? There’s a dragon out there!” Leonie gave him a look that clearly said, ‘No duh.’ “You want me to fight the dragon?”
“Yes! It’s your damn fault that there’s a dragon here anyway.”
“My fault! I didn’t bring it here.”
“Yea, well your stupid door did.” Another roar erupted from the dragon. The ground shook as it searched the ground for its prey.”Didn’t you say you studied magic?”
“It’s called Alchemy, and yes, I did. But alchemy doesn’t work here. I already tried.”
“Maybe you weren’t trying hard enough.” Before Smith could reply, Leonie pushed him out from behind the tree into the open field. The once crowded park was now deserted. Even the dragon had disappeared. No, he’s still here, Smith could hear its wings beating overhead. Cautiously, he moved into the middle of the open field. Fires burned in clusters, but they didn’t spread. Kneeling in a patch of dirt, Smith thought back to all his lessons. He began to write. As he was finishing up a shadow descended upon him and he felt the heat of the dragon’s fire.

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