The After Storm (Blog 7)

Two commercials before we begin:

1) Congrats you are now reading my 100th post! I hope this 100th post is a good post as all 100th posts should be.

2) Today at around 9 AM I found out I had an article published on about when parents sign a PIN on a FAFSA. When I found out I actually went and googled it and it shows up as link number 4 when you type in “when does a parent need to sign a PIN on a FAFSA.” So there was no way that anything could go wrong today, because even if the world ended I could say, “Well at least I could be googled before the world ended.”

ANYWAY, enough commercials!

Now after the first brain storm happened there was a bit of confusion in my brain and I lost all hope of writing anything for this class because, well, I got confused about where I was originally going with this piece. Then last night I remembered. So I started writing. And with some advice from a fellow writer (who will remain anonymous but he should know that the conversation we had did get into contact with my brain) I decided to work on narrowing my song choice first. I can officially say the song choices I have are:

“The Canyon Behind Her” dredg

This song will go with a section about when Joe first told me that he was thinking about going to China to study.

“3 Libras” A Perfect Circle

This song will go with a section about how me and Joe met and the beginning of our relationship.

“And You And I” Yes

This song will go with the final days of our summer together before I came back to Kean and he went to Hong Kong Baptist University.

“Across the Sea” Weezer

This last section will be about our relationship now.

The focus of the article changed a teensy bit, but it’s still generally the same. I want to focus a little bit more on how music has impacted our relationship and how, in a way, has kept us together and has made our relationship stronger, even through long distance. I may add a section. As I was just typing this I started thinking of possibly adding something, but we’ll see how it goes and if it will even be relevant.

So those were my thoughts after the brain storm was over. Never can tell when another one will hit, but hopefully the story will flow easier now.

Now, time for zumba! Over and out.

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