The Second Brain Storm.. More like a Shower (Blog 9)

So this is a tad late, but my week has been so hectic that I think I deserve the forgiveness.

For my second dramatized piece (which is what I will be calling these now since calling them essays just got me incredibly stuck) I decided I wanted to write about being a nerd. I didn’t quite know what though, but the idea came when I was watching a Muggle Quidditch game at the Medieval Festival and thought, “Now THIS is a Creative NonFiction piece!”

In class on Monday, my buddy Eric helped me decide what form of nerd I would focus on. I chose books because books are my life. I’m going to focus on how I got into books, and how embracing your inner nerd can sometimes lead to what you want to do with your life. I’m currently about half way done with it, but I’m still a bit stuck on what interjections I’m going to use. That brain shower will be done this weekend.

Over and out.

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