Is this an “Eye” Storm? (Blog 11)

We are now venturing into the first “eye” essay. “Eye” essays are about the world or people around you. So far, we read a piece on “The Shaggs” and a piece that was not only an “eye” piece, but like an investigation piece as well.

Thinking about these pieces in relation to my piece, I decided to write on something that I really like. It’s always easier and a lot more fun to write on something that you know really well, then writing on something that you don’t know at all.

After creating a list in class of topics I like and know enough about, I immediately chose writing on Muggle Quidditch. In fact, I had chose this topic in the beginning of October when I went to a Medieval Festival with one of my friends where we sat and watched a Muggle Quidditch game. Toward the end, my focus was drawn from the game and into my head as I thought, “Now this is a Creative NonFiction piece!” What I need to figure out now is how I’m going to write it.

I think I’m going to be using a parallel structure for this essay. My main focus will be the National Quidditch Association and how it is spreading in knowledge of Muggle Quidditch. Along with that, I will be looking at the game I watched at the Medieval Festival as well as my own experiences playing Muggle Quidditch.

That is where my thoughts are swinging right now. The more I think about it, I hope I think of more ideas and more ways to work through this essay.

Over and out.

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