Let’s see how this works…

So, I want to try to make this more of a blog blog, rather than a place where I post stories, especially since I’m working harder on getting my work published. Can’t have it posted here if I want to send it out.

I’ve been working on finding a job, hopefully either writing some where or at a publishing house. It’s very tedious work, and I hope something good comes out of it.

In the mean time, I want to work on getting through my reading list. Currently I am reading Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher, and it is beautiful. It reminds me of both Jane Eyre and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, two of my favorite books. I don’t want to say too much right now, so I will stop.

I sometimes wish I could be like the characters in books. Or that my days could be spent like theirs. They seem so extravagant. I just think it would be interesting to see how it would be. Not that my life is boring, or anything. It’s always fun to imagine living a different life sometimes though. Like a day dream.

One thought on “Let’s see how this works…

  1. I would love to have as much time to read as some of those early characters. Though I think their time to read was limited by available light. Couldn’t have been much fun to read by candle. I’d need a gigantic magnifying glass;-)

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