Inspiration can come in all shapes and forms. It could also come as nothing. Which may sound a bit weird, but it’s true.

My inspiration has a tendency to come to me through dreams. I remember the first book I ever attempted to write was based off a dream I had. I was trying to save another world with this boy who was a sorcerer. That one never fully got off the ground, but it has always been in my mind.

Last night I had a dream where I was trying to help a girl figure out her past. We had to climb through the TV in order to go back in time. I have a tendency to dream about things like this. Not going through the TV, in fact last night was the first time I dreamt that, but that I have to crawl through a tiny space that I know I’m not going to fit in. This has nothing to do with inspiration, but I guess it’s me trying to come to terms with feeling claustrophobic.

The TV, though, is the part that I’m focusing on. Not really why I had to go through it, but the fact that it was there and it was the transportation we used. I’m not big into television. I barely watch it. So to me it’s significant.

I think that’s why I love dreaming, especially when I have very weird dreams

I’ve also had inspiration come from nothing, which I think I mentioned in a previous post. Where I’ll just be sitting there, staring at a page and then suddenly an idea will come to me. Which is always nice.

They say not to sit around and wait for inspiration, which is true. If you wait for inspiration it may never come. Sometimes you just have to sit down, and write.

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