Review: As Tall As Lions “As Tall As Lions”

To start off my CD review extravaganza I decided to listen to the As Tall As Lions self titled album.

I’ve had this album for at least a year now. I acquired it when me and my boyfriend had bought tickets to see dredg play at the TLA in Philadelphia. As Tall As Lions were playing a different show, but we mistakenly thought that they were playing with dredg and Rx Bandits.

I will honestly admit that I hadn’t listened to it until this week. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested in the band, but I have this tendency to get hooked on one band or album and just listen to it non-stop for months, so there are a lot of bands and albums that I have that haven’t been listened to more than once or twice, while others have been listened to numerous times.

I will also honestly admit that I’m very sad that I didn’t give this album a chance until this past week. As Tall As Lions self titled album is beautifully written, played, and sung.

On my first listen the two songs that stuck out the most were “Stab City” and “Milk and Honey”. These were two songs that I remember hearing when I had listened to it a year ago. After listening to it throughout the entire week, I can say that the album is very chill. There are a few songs that are dance worthy, but overall this is an album I would put on if I wanted to relax. The songs are also very catchy, and after the first few listens I would have parts of certain songs stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

One down side with this album is that it probably wouldn’t be one that I would listen to months at a time. A week was good enough for me. I enjoyed the songs a lot, but even one of my favorites, “Milk and Honey”, started to lose its luster around the fifth time through. It’s also a very short album, which could be a plus or minus whatever way you look at it.

Overall Grade: B+

If you like this band you may like: The Dear Hunter

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