Review of George R. R. Martin’s “A Clash of Kings”

I seriously have no words for this review. I just finished reading A Clash of Kings by George R.R Martin, and all I can say is: wow!

Not only does Martin bring back all the characters that were in the first one, but adds some new faces in there as well, connecting characters to each other. You also get some new point of views in there with Davos and Theon becoming part of the mix.

I still think my favorite part about this series is the characters themselves. They are so lifelike, I feel as if I know them all, as if we grew up together, which is an amazing accomplishment for any author. An amazing plot is necessary to keep the reader engaged, but lifelike characters are often hard to come by. When you still want to punch certain characters in the face, even more so than you did in the first book, you know that the author did a very good job at creating them.

But the plot in A Clash of Kings does move forward. War has broken out and there are 4 different kings now in Westeros. King Robb, King Stannis, King Renly, and King Joffrey are all fighting for the crown. King Robb has help from Catelyn, while Tyrion is trying to diminish the chaos that has been going on in Kings Landing. Both separated, Sansa and Arya have the same goal: escape, and Bran is sitting on the throne in Winterfell while Robb is fighting. Across the sea, Daenerys continues to search for a way to Westeros to fight for the seat that rightfully belongs to her family.

The entire book ends with a great cliffhanger, making it hard to ignore the third installment: A Storm of Swords.

This is definitely a series I would recommend to any fan of fantasy. Martin does an amazing job with the world, characters, and plot, making all three strong and entertaining that they grab the reader immediately.

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