Review of “Yawnin’ in the Dawnin'” by The Barry Brother’s Band

If you’ve never heard of The Barry Brother’s Band, don’t feel bad. I never heard of them either until about a month ago when I received a request for a review of their new album “Yawnin’ in the Dawnin'”. If you have heard of them, then you’ve already experienced the uniqueness that is The Barry Brother’s Band.

But, for those of you who don’t know who The Barry Brother’s Band is, here’s a little background:

The Barry Brother’s Band is made up of 3 brothers (so the name isn’t just for show): Patrick, Benjamin, and Bradford Barry. The folk rock band is located in Hume, New York, and their music consists of a mixture of outlaw country, pop melodies, bluesy folk, old-timey vocal harmonies, and rock and roll, making for some of the most interesting and catchy music I have ever heard.

I spent the week listening to their new album “Yawnin’ in the Dawnin'” and would immediately recommend them to anyone who is fond of Folk music. Especially if they are a Bob Dylan fan, because I did feel traces of Dylan in their music, although it could have been because of the harmonica. Harmonicas just make me automatically think of Bob Dylan, for obvious reasons. And Dylan isn’t where similarities stop. I mean, it could just be the hair, but the brothers remind me of the hippie guidance counselor, Mr. Rosso, from Freaks and Geeks who, if you’ve ever seen the show, had a rock band of his own that Lindsey and her friends get fake IDs to see, not knowing at the time that Mr. Rosso is the lead singer. I know, that bit of information was probably irrelevant, but not if you’re a fan of the show. It really gives you another incentive to check them out!

A mixture of Bob Dylan and Mr. Rosso, The Barry Brother’s Band will have you hooked the minute you listen! (Photo credit: The Barry Brother’s Band)

A kind of short album, “Yawnin’ in the Dawnin'” is only 7 songs long, but still worth the listen. The album opens with the song “Yawnin’ in the Dawnin'”, a short song expressing what many people in the world probably express every day: the want for more sleep, even after a long sleep. How often have you woken up after a nice ten hour sleep only to want to go back to bed? Yea, me too. The song has very little music, showing off the band’s vocal abilities, which I must say hold a lot of talent.

“Carnival(e)” and “Drink One More” are definitely two songs that I could listen to all day. “Carnival(e)” caught my attention when I watched their music video, which, unlike most music videos, gives you a little insight into the actual band: who they are and what they’re all about.The music is pretty slow, until the chorus, and keeps a steady, hypnotizing beat. The vocals are also hypnotizing, and when the chorus comes in I would be surprised if there was a person in the room who didn’t want to get up and jump around.

“Drink One More” expresses a sense of love for life, a theme that can be relatable to anyone. The lyrics:

“Drink one more beer with me

Who knows when I’ll see you again

Let’s take one more shot of whiskey

Tell me your story, my friend”

Also expresses the feeling of having time to sit and enjoy company, rather than being busy with everything else in your life. The song is, overall, a feel good song, a piece to listen to on the last few summer evenings as the sun is going down and your hanging out with a group of good friends.

“Love Something Too Much” was a song that I didn’t immediately get into. The music wasn’t inviting, really, a little too country for my liking, but it was the lyrics that caught my attention in the end. It’s a song that anyone who’s ever loved someone with their whole heart can relate to, and how the loss of that person can mean more than you may think at the time.

Overall, the entire album was very well written, performed and produced. These guys really know what they love and express it through their music, something any average Joe can appreciate. I only went through a few of their songs on here, but must say that every song has a deep meaning behind it that can be found and enjoyed by anyone who is interested in rock and roll, country, or both!

I said in the beginning of this review not to feel bad if you’ve never heard of this band. But after hearing about them, you should feel bad if you don’t immediately go check them out!

Grade: A-

If you like The Barry Brother’s Band, be sure to check out: Bob Dylan

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