Review of The Clash’s “London Calling”

This is only the second time in my life where I’ve bought an album from the 70s/80s that wasn’t a greatest hits album. I mostly did this because I know the popular songs from The Clash very well since they’re still played in commercials and on the radio all the time. Since I had a little knowledge on The Clash music (and by a little I mean a very little, not more than a handful of songs) I decided to go for the album that had the least songs that I knew. “London Calling” was that album.

While I wouldn’t say The Clash has won a top 5 space in 80s music that I’m crazy about, it really wasn’t that disappointing. It could always be that the album I bought wasn’t really one that had the type of The Clash songs I would really appreciate, or maybe I just have to listen to them a little longer before I can fully appreciate them.

I do like the music a lot. The beats are catchy, and more than once I have found myself bobbing my head to it as I listen. But besides the music, the vocals aren’t really anything that special. I personally thought that Joe Strummer’s vocals were very similar to Bob Dylan’s, although I bet a lot of people could argue otherwise with me about that. It wasn’t something I noticed in every song, only one or two.

Then there are the lyrics, which I had a little tough time getting into. I didn’t really find anything that stuck out in particular, but this could also be another case of me just having to listen to the album a few more times before I finally find something.

My favorite song on the entire album would probably have to be “London Calling”. “Hateful” and “Lost in the Supermarket” were both close seconds. Both these songs have music that I got into right away, and whose tune I found constantly playing throughout my head during the week.

Overall, I did enjoy the album, although this review may not seem like I did that much. It wasn’t my super favorite, but it’s definitely something I could find myself looking to listen to on random days. So, although they haven’t won a top 5 spot on my 80s list, The Clash definitely won a permanent place on my Zune.

Overall grade: B+

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