James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

For a man who didn’t like children, he sure did write an amazing children’s book.

Most of you have probably already heard of James and the Giant Peach. It’s the story of a boy named James who goes to live with his two evil aunts after his parents are eaten by a rhino in the city. One day a mysterious man gives him a bag of glowing green bugs that do extraordinary things to whoever eats them. But before he can eat them, James trips and the little green bugs disappear into the ground.

The next day a peach is found growing in the tree in yard. It keeps growing and growing until it’s as big as a house. James’s aunts take advantage of this and sell tickets to people who come and see it. One night, forced to clean the yard, James climbs into the peach and meets a cast of strange characters: gigantic bugs. The peach snaps off the branch and away they go on an adventure far from James’s cruel aunts.

A popular clay animation movie, James and the Giant Peach is a book for everyone. It’s filled with adventure and characters that will win the hearts of any reader, no matter what their age.

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