“The Warrior”: A new short story

Today my short story The Warrior was published at Freedom Fiction Journal, something I am very excited about. I think I’m so excited about this piece being published because it was originally from an idea I had in the 5th grade. We were put in tables and at my table we came up with superhero names and abilities. Now, since we were 12 years old all the names and abilities were ridiculous and resembled superheroes or villains already in existence. For example, we had Pen Boy who threw pens, Lightning Girl whose ability was to shoot lightning, and Kitty Girl who, well, was a cat. That’s not all. There were 8 of us in all. I started writing a series about the group where we fought villains like Super Mario and the goombas. Eventually 2 more superheroes were added to the mix, making it 10.

In high school I wanted to revisit these characters and create a better story based off them, but the project never got back the second chapter. Finally, with determination, I created a short story, cutting it down to 5 of the original 10 superheroes, changing some names, and adding a stalker fanboy. It first was rejected from the publication I wrote it for, but I cleaned it up and sent it out again. It was accepted by Freedom Fiction Journal with a note that it had the best opening they had read in many weeks (which was a boost to my self confidence! Thanks Ujjwal!). It made me happy to know that finally, a piece I had really been working on for years, was out in the world. So go check it out and enjoy! 🙂

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