Like Crazy: a movie review

Just got back from my week vacation over in Hong Kong visiting my boyfriend (now fiance 🙂 ) and I had plenty of time to watch movies and read some books (because there is a lot of free time when you have two 16 hour flights).

I decided since I’ve been reviewing a lot of books lately that I would start with a movie. Today on my flight home I finally had the chance to watch Like Crazy. I only saw a few previews for this movie when it was coming out in theaters and wanted to see it immediately. It’s the story of two college students, Jacob and Anna, who meet in L.A. and fall in love. The problem is that Anna is from the UK and her Visa is only good as long as she is a student.

When it’s time for her to leave, however, she makes the decision to stay past her Visa. She eventually goes home for a wedding, and when she tries to return to America, Homeland Security sends her back to the UK because of the violation. Anna tries many times to fight the ban and come back to America, but things don’t work out the way she hopes. When they think all is lost, Jacob visits Anna and their love rekindles. Anna’s father talks about them getting married to make their realtionship easier, but there seems to be something holding them both back.

Time goes by and they agree that it is OK to see other people while they still try to make it work between them, but their love for each other is different. Anna tells Jacob that she doesn’t feel the same about anyone else the way she feels about him.

The entire movie is a complete chick flick, but I think it’s something that a lot of couples in long distance relationships could relate to. It focuses on the good and bad of a long distance relationship. However, I also feel like that this long distance relationship focused a lot on bad aspects. While the characters obviously got along very well with each other, when it came to making it work long distance it didn’t really… well… work. I think the movie was focusing more on a time when things like skype and facebook weren’t around. They tried to catch each other on the phone and would send mail, which is more personal, but tougher.

The characters work well together, but they also clash. Jacob and Anna both have different goals, and although they want to be together, they want to be together on their own terms, which isn’t really how a relationship should work. Every relationship is about teamwork and that goes double for long distance. You need to be there for each other, and Jacob and Anna only seemed to be there for themselves, calling and reaching out to the other when it suited them.

Overall, if you’re into cute, but heartbreaking movies about love and making love work, I would recommend this. However, it is not a good idea to watch if you are on the flight home from visiting your significant other in another country (especially one that’s approximately 8,000 miles away). Oh, and you’ll most likely cry. Just putting that out there.

Grade: B+

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