The Thing (2011): a movie review

As a fan of the 1982 John Carpenter The Thing I was really interested in seeing the 2011 version. Especially after I found out that it wasn’t a remake but a prequel to the 1982 film. However, although I was interested I was also very cautious. I wasn’t sure how it would live up to the film I already loved. Thankfully I was not disappointed.

The 2011 version of The Thing is a view from the Swedish team that original found an alien space craft at an Antarctica research site. Bringing the alien back to the research site, the team celebrates a little too soon. That night the alien that they thought was dead breaks from it’s ice cage and starts attacking and making copies of the team members. Now tensions run high as no one knows who is real and who is the thing.

From the previews I was skeptical. It looked like the same as the 1982 version, even though it was supposed to be a prequel. However, it was different in a lot of aspects. Since it was made in 2011 the graphics were very well done and were very gruesome. The tests the team performed to figure out who is the thing and not were also different. The only thing about the movie that would’ve been known to fans of the 1982 version would be the ending of the 2011 version since it’s the prequel, and it didn’t disappoint either.

Although fans of the 1982The Thingmay be hesitant about the 2011 version, I think it’s definitely a movie that should be given a chance. Maybe even a movie marathon will be called for.

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