The Terminal: A Movie Review

Made in 2004, The Terminal stars Tom Hanks as Viktor Navorski.

A foreigner from Krakhozia, Viktor Navorski comes into New York on a mission. Only his mission is put on hold when he finds out his country is in the middle of a riot and America no longer views them as an actual country. Homeland Security tells him they would fly him back home, however no flights are allowed in his country during the riot. Viktor  is also not allowed on American soil, meaning he can no longer leave the airport.

Stranded, Viktor does his best to live life as normally as possible by helping other fliers, making new friends, trying to get a job in the airport, and even falling in love. But the head of Homeland Security is making life very difficult for Viktor, hoping he will leave so he can arrest him and make him someone else’s problem. With the help of his airport friends, Viktor is determined to get what he came for and go back home.

The Terminal is an interesting, but very strange movie. I had seen a part of it on TV before and was curious to know how it ended. While the beginning is interesting and normal enough, half way through it starts to go odd. For example, at one point two characters who’ve never even met get married. The unrealistic scenario threw me off and the movie just became weirder from there.

Overall, it was an interesting experience watching The Terminal. The oddness of it halfway through did knock it down a bunch of points, but the beginning and the overall journey Viktor goes through salvaged it enough to declare it watchable.

Grade: B-

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