The Borrower’s by Mary Norton, Beth Krush and Joe Krush

My main reason for reading this book was because of the release of The Secret World of Arrietty directed by Miyazaki. Miyazaki is one of my favorite movie directors ever, creating films such as Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. But, of course, knowing that it was originally a children’s book I had to read it first.

The Borrower’s is an enchanting story about a family of little people, no bigger than my thumb, that live under the floor board of a house. They’re called borrowers because that is how they survive. They borrow food, scraps of cloth, and even doll house furniture from the house they live in to create a little house of their own. However, the worst thing that could happen to a borrower is if he is seen. Since humans don’t understand borrowers, being seen can easily lead up to their death because humans may think they are little mice or other rodents. So they stay mostly hidden, only allowing the skilled and brave to venture upstairs.

Arrietty doesn’t like being cooped up. She wants nothing more than to venture around the outside world, but the only way she can accomplish this is to become a borrower. To her delight, her mother wants the same thing and convinces Arrietty’s father to take her on a borrowing trip. However, on her first trip she is seen by a young boy visiting the house. Although this is usually bad, the boy takes delight in meeting Arrietty and learning about her world. But will this friendship stay a secret or will it lead to their destruction?

Short and straight to the point, The Borrower’s is a great story for children. They will love learning about this new world and meeting the characters who live in it. You never know, you may encounter some borrower’s of your own.

Grade: A

4 thoughts on “The Borrower’s by Mary Norton, Beth Krush and Joe Krush

  1. Nice review! I’m pretty sure there’s another Borrowers movie out there. I vaguely remember watching it.

    I think I read this book years and years ago as a kid but I don’t remember anything about it. I did manage to buy a super cheap Kindle copy of the book though. Maybe it’s time to revisit the book.

    • You are correct! There was a live action one that came out years ago. The only person I remember it starring was Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy). Glad you enjoyed!

    • I actually haven’t seen the movie yet. I want to, but might have to wait for it to come to DVD since I don’t really have anyone to see it with me (and no, I’m not really a fan of going alone haha).

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