Freight by Mel Bosworth

Freight. It comes in all different shapes and sizes. But no matter what it is, we all have our own, and we all carry it in our own ways. Some choose to hold it above their heads, while others choose to keep it buried inside. Sometimes we drop freight when it becomes too heavy, only to pick it back up later when our load is lighter.

Freight by Mel Bosworth follows a guy through carrying his own freight. We never learn his name, but he is relatable. All his freight could be our freight. Through youth, love, and everlasting friendship, we learn just how taxing freight can be and how we can deal with it.

Mel Bosworth paints an amazing picture of what it means to be human. His novel is witty and very well written. It was also very relatable, describing different situations that could’ve happened in anyone’s life. It’s definitely a novel that anyone can read and enjoy.

One aspect about the book that made it different was that certain sections had page numbers written next to them. It was like those choose-your-own-adventure books where you could flip through and read the book in whatever way you wanted to. Out of the choose-your-own-adventure genre, I have never seen a book like that and I thought it was a great idea. Of course, not every novel can be written like that.Freightwas a great novel to use this technique with because the memories were scattered and referred to each other.

So, what’s your freight?

Grade: A


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