Cabin in the Woods: A Movie Review

Now, before you say, ‘Oh god you saw THAT movie!?’ I’ll answer you: Yes, yes I did. And you know what? My new goal in life is to meet Joss Whedon and shake his hand. The man is a genius!

When a group of friends decide to go to a cabin in the woods (yes, really) for the weekend, the last thing they expect is to be murdered hours after getting there. But a government facility located conveniently underneath their cabin has other plans.

Starring Chris Hemsworth (Thor, The Avengers) , Cabin in the Woods will definitely have you jumping out of your seat. As it was described to me, it’s a horror movie without being a horror movie. There are jumpy parts and gore, but I don’t really think it’ll give you nightmares (unless redneck zombies aren’t your thing).

The entire plot is a bit more complex than that, but I don’t know how to explain it without really giving the entire movie away, which I really don’t want to do. In order to find out, you’ll just have to see it!

What I enjoyed a lot about this movie was that it didn’t really dwell on the deaths. They all happened fairly quickly and it wasn’t too, too gory. There was quite a lot of blood, but it wasn’t Dead Alive-esque. But I will give a fair warning: this isn’t your typical top rated Hollywood movie. The graphics and CGI are well done, don’t get me wrong, but there is a definite feel of B rated movie that lingers in there, which, in my opinion, makes it even better. There is a difference between a bad B movie and a good B movie, and Cabin in the Woods was definitely a good B rated movie!

There really isn’t anything bad I can really say about this movie. It kept me guessing the entire time. It was a little predictable when something scary was going to pop up, but I didn’t mind that so much because the jumpy scare factor doesn’t work well with me. By the end of the movie I sat there, wide eyed and opened mouthed, not quite sure what I had just seen, only knowing that it was pure gold.

Grade: A+

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