Being Flynn: A Movie Review

Based off the memoir of the same title, Being Flynn tells the story of Nick Flynn (Paul Dano) and his efforts to reconnect with his father after years of neglect.

Jonathon Flynn (Robert De Niro) is a self proclaimed poet and con-artist who leaves his wife and son, Nick, when he was young. With the death of his mother, Nick heads to Boston to find his place there. What he ends up finding, instead, is his father, who is being kicked out of his apartment.

Unable to make it as a writer, Nick ends up working at a homeless shelter where his father ends up staying. As his father’s alcoholism takes hold of him, Nick fights his feelings on whether to help his father or not while also fighting his own alcohol and drug addiction.

I saw a preview of Being Flynn when I went to see The Descendants and immediately knew I had to see it. Of course I did, because it was about a writer. Unfortunately, I forgot about it and had to wait until it was on DVD. The movie is inspiring and shows that striving to live as an artist isn’t always glamorous. It shows the struggles that can and do happen every day. It also shows that no matter how tough a relationship is, the struggles can be overcome.

Grade: A

being flynn

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