Session 9: A Movie Review

If you’re looking for a psychological thriller without really being scared out of your wits, Session 9 is the perfect movie to spice up your night.

Gordon (Peter Mullan) works for a hazardous materials company and him and his men have just been assigned to clean up an old asylum. Although they allow him 3 weeks, Gordon is convinced they can do the job in 6 days. As they begin working, the team begins to discover some interesting artifacts left behind: old instruments used on patients, old coins behind walls, and files on patients that once resided there. But the most interesting thing found are tapes from a session with a patient named Mary who had a multiple personality disorder. As the tapes are played through, the mention of the personality ‘Simon’ intrigues Mike (Stephen Gevedon), the worker listening to them, until he needs to know who ‘Simon’ is. But ‘Simon’ is closer than he thinks.

My friend had told me about this movie months ago, so I was excited when I finally had the chance to watch it. It’s more of a thriller because there really are no jumpy parts. Nothing comes popping out, but throughout the entire movie I expected something to, which is why I was on the edge of my seat. My favorite parts were when Mike was listening to the session tapes. I liked to hear all the different personalities come out and how Mary had used them to protect her.

Overall, the movie was captivating and even fun to try to figure out what was going to happen before it happened. The setting of the old asylum was creepy and I constantly thought I had seen the building before (which isn’t impossible). Definitely a great movie for anyone interested in psychology.

Grade: A

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