The 5 Year Engagement: A Movie Review

The 5 Year Engagement is a great date night movie when the girlfriend wants a romance, but the boyfriend wants a comedy.

Tom Solomon (Jason Segel) decides to propose to his girlfriend who he had been seeing for a little over a year, Violet Barnes (Emily Blunt). Although they’re excited, plans get a little off course when Violet’s sister (Alison Brie) ends up pregnant by Tom’s best friend (Chris Pratt) and they have to have a shot gun wedding. Just as plans begin to start rolling again, Violet is accepted to the master’s program at the University of Michigan. Being supportive, Tom agrees to move from San Francisco, leaving the great cooking job he had, to move to Michigan. Jobless, Tom picks up the wedding planning, but as life becomes busier every day the wedding is pushed off until it seems like it’s never happening, especially after resentment becomes the third wheel.

This movie had to be one of the funniest romantic comedies I have seen in a while. I was cracking up throughout the majority of the movie. The characters are also very well done and the viewer gets to the point where they actually care about what happens to their relationship. This movie is especially fun to watch if you are currently engaged (like me). As I watched this movie with my best friend, I would text my boyfriend random things that happened in the movie, asking if we could have that at our wedding. (Yes, he did know what movie I was watching; otherwise I think he probably would’ve thought I’d gone mad.)

The 5 Year Engagement definitely shows Jason Segel’s writing talent as well. The events weren’t predictable and the script was hilarious. He definitely has a lot of talent.

Grade: A

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