Stardust: A Movie Review

True love can come in all different shapes and sizes and when we least expect it. For Tristan (Charlie Cox), true love came as a falling star and changed his life forever.

Promised to be married to the fair Victoria (Sienna Miller) if he brings back a fallen star by her birthday, Tristan is determined to find it no matter how far he has to go. But he’s not the only one with the same quest. With the hope for everlasting youth, Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer) , a very powerful witch, starts out on the same journey, but to devour the star instead of giving it as a gift. When Tristan is transported by a candle to the spot that the star is, he is surprised to find that the star is really a young woman named Yvaine (Claire Danes). The fact that she’s a person doesn’t deter him from his goal and he’s determined to bring her back to Victoria anyway.

When WITCH catches up with them, however, Tristan must be careful and protect STAR to get her back to his home safe. Encountering priates and princes on the way, will they reach the town of Wall in time for Victoria’s birthday, or will destiny and fate change the course of their journey?

Based on the novel of the same title by Neil Gaiman, Stardust was a magical movie full of romance, action, adventure, and fantasy. The only complaint I have about the movie is that it was very predictable. I was able to guess what the outcome of almost all the big turns in the story. However, I don’t think that should be a reason for anyone to not watch it because the movie was still very well done. The actors were amazing in their performances, which helped bring the story to life. Stardust has definitely been added as one of my favorite fantasy movies of all time.

Grade: A

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