The Up and Comers: The Ugly Club

The Ugly Club

The Ugly Club was formed as many other bands form: Ryan Egan (rhythm guitar/lead singer), Joe Stasio (lead guitar/vocalist/producer), Taylor Mandel (keys/backup singer), Rick Sue-Poi (bass) and Ryan Mcnulty (drums) were all friends jamming and recording song for fun after the breakups of their previous bands. But just hanging out and jamming didn’t stop the itch to play live and operate as a band.

“We put together our original lineup and it took about a year and half to put together our current group which has proven to be the right players,” Egan said. “We’ve been writing and evolving the sound for a little while now and are excited to see where the next album goes.”

To date, The Ugly Club has self released/produced two Eps and one full length album. They also independently toured the east coast to SXSW 2012 and played in this years’ CMJ festival in New York. Even after having a big and busy year, Egan says that they plan on continuing on moving upward and making 2013 even bigger both for them and their music.

The Ugly Club

“After releasing our first full album we’ve been able to reflect and listen to ourselves from the outside and become much more aware of our sound,” Egan said. “That said, we also are able to move forward from the sound and always progress in a positive way.”

For aspiring bands, Egan advises:

Be patient and only play for honesty and fun.  It takes years of hard work and practice to really master your craft and if you’re in it for the wrong reasons, in most cases you won’t succeed.  Or if you do succeed in some way you may not be satisfied because your goals may have been unrealistic.  Do it for love just like R. Kelly.

The Ugly Club’s latest album — You Belong to the Minutes — can be purchased at their website, iTunes and Spotify. A limited edition 7” vinyl through Company Ink Records and a free live/acoustic EP titled “Songs from a 10th Street Apartment” have also recently been released. Please visit them online through Facebook , Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp to learn more, or see them in their upcoming shows!

Upcoming shows:
11/10 – Spike Hill – Brooklyn, NY – 10pm – Free – 21+ w/ Elliot & the Ghost
11/23 – Maxwell’s – Hoboken, NJ – 9pm – 18+ – w/ The Embracers
12/8 – Pianos – New York, NY – 9pm – 21+ w/ Joanna Erdos

If you or someone you know is interested in being included in an upcoming ‘The Up and Comers’, please email murphcas89(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!

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