The Up and Comers: Speak Easy

Speak Easy

About 2 years ago, Mike Cipriano, Steve Anderson, Mark Woodbridge, and John Castaldo were fresh out of band break-ups and looking for a new relationship. Being all friends, the four decided to pull their talents together: Cipriano on drums, Anderson and Woodbridge on guitar and vocals, and Castaldo on bass with some vocals mixed in.

“The concept for this band was, and still is, just to have fun and see what happens. To play music we actually like and would

Speak Easy

listen to ourselves,” Cipriano, who also goes by the nickname of Monkey, said. “We all came from bands that were signed, toured and did the whole “professional musician” thing. It was great while it lasted but it definitely took away from the “fun” of being in a band. Everyone these days is so concerned with the “look” of the band and selling records and making money and that really takes a lot of the focus off of making music you actually enjoy.”

Although the band doesn’t admit to any huge accomplishments (a modest statement in my book), Cipriano believes that their biggest accomplishment is the positive response to their music from their friends and fans.

“Playing shows with bands that we respect and admire in front of people that appreciate us for what we are and not because

they think we are “hot” — which we aren’t! — is definitely our biggest accomplishment,” he said.

To anyone starting a band, Cipriano advises:

No matter what you do always have fun. When it stops being fun it’s time to move on. Don’t let a band ruin friendships and relationships. It’s not worth it. Also, it’s A LOT

of work to make it in the music industry, so be prepared if that’s what you hope to accomplish. But never expect success. If you’re doing it for money, you’re in the wrong line of work. Don’t ever get cocky, ever. You may be someone today, but you could be nothing tomorrow. Finally….PRACTICE! Even if I don’t find a style of music appealing, I can still recognize and respect talent and the work and thought that went in to it.

After taking a short hiatus for personal reasons, Speak Easy is ready to get back on stage! Visit Speak Easy on their Facebook or on BandCamp  and keep your eyes out for upcoming shows.

If you or someone you know is a musician, artist, dancer, writer, etc. and would like to participate in The Up and Comers, please email me at murphcas89(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you!

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