Lincoln: A Movie Review

As the second movie about Lincoln to come out this year, this movie, directed by Steven Spielberg, leans far from the myth of Lincoln being a vampire hunter and more toward the truth.

The plot of Lincoln shows how Lincoln secured the votes to pass the 13th Amendment. While it was interesting to see the back story of the event, which I feel isn’t covered as well in history classes as it should be, this could also be a fatal flaw in the movie. It is rare when people want to go to a movie to learn about history. They tend to go for more action or the fantastical, and although there was action in  this movie there wasn’t enough to steer it from the historical aspect. However, I could be very wrong about that since the 1 o’clock movie time I originally went to see it at was sold out.

Masterfully done, Lincoln is definitely one of the best movies that came out this year. The costumes and set design was authentic and the acting was so superb that it brought tears to my eyes, especially on the part of Daniel Day-Lewis who played Abraham Lincoln.

However, it still had its downsides. The beginning of the movie was slow and I felt that some of the characters weren’t introduced well enough, making some interactions confusing. But even these small bumps couldn’t stamp out the overwhelming and suspenseful ending (even though we know what happens) or the way Daniel Day-Lewis depicted Lincoln’s interactions with his family, making me believe that Lincoln was casted as himself.

Grade: A-

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