Easy A: A Movie Review

Easy A has been a movie I have been wanting to see since it came out in 2010. Unfortunately, I was unable to see it until I bought it this past weekend. And I must say, I am glad that I bought it.

Based on the idea of The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Easy A is about a high school girl, Olive (Emma Stone), whose reputation goes from non-existent virgin to big time slut. What the majority of the school doesn’t know, though, is that the entire thing is a lie. Olive is still a virgin, crushing on the school mascot, Todd (Penn Badgley), but when the rumor, that she inadvertently started, spreads that she slept with a college guy instead of righting the wrong she runs with it, helping out many of the geeks and nerds in the school in the process. But will this lie get her all that she wants, or will it end up destroying everything and everyone she loves?

While I did enjoy this movie a lot, there were some flaws that made it just that: a movie. Olive’s parents were very care free, and although there are parents like that in the world, they seemed very fake. Also the entire scandal with the guidance counselor was very rushed and unbelievable. I feel like they should have added more about that instead of just throwing it in toward the end just to escalate Olive’s lies.

However, I did like how they added in The Scarlet Letter into the movie, and even a Huck Finn reference. As a reading enthusiast, these references always make me hope that maybe some teenager watched this movie and decided to delve into some classics just to see what they’re all about. Yes, I do realize how far fetched that sounds.

As for the acting, Emma Stone is one of my favorite actresses, and I thought she did a great job, as well as Amanda Bynes, who unfortunately always seems to get stuck in the religious girl stereotype roles. Dan Byrd always has be cracking up and I can’t help remembering him from A Cinderella Story

Overall, Easy A was a good movie and I don’t regret buying it, even though it would not be on my best movie ever list. A warning in advance: I don’t really see this is a family friendly movie. There’s a bit of cursing and the subject matter will definitely go over some little kids’ heads, making them ask some awkward questions. So parents, save this on for your teenagers.

Grade: A-

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