Rudy: A Movie Review

Well last Sunday there was no football (unless you count the pro-ball), which was a little upsetting. Although I’m not the biggest football fan, I actually started getting into the game more this season since my fiance started watching it more often. Every Sunday we would go to my house and sit around with my dad and his friend and watch the game and eat meatball sandwiches or whatever was being served. But since there was no football we decided to watch a football movie.

Based on a true story, Rudy tells of Daniel E. “Rudy” Reuttiger’s (Sean Aston) dream of playing football for Notre Dame and how he made that dream a reality. What was really inspiring about this movie was that no matter how many times people told him he couldn’t make it into Notre Dame and how even if he did he’d never make the football team cause he was too small, Rudy never gave up. He never once said, “Gee, you guys might be right.” Instead, he followed his dreams, even though it meant working the hardest he’s ever worked in his life.

When I told my dad that we watched it, he admitted that he personally didn’t like the movie, and I can see why. It is pretty predictable, especially when the summary on the back of the case tells you the entire plot. But what made me enjoy the movie so much was the fact that it was so inspiring. I feel like this is a movie to watch whenever you feel like giving up on your dreams because it will show you that giving up is never the answer.

As Rudy’s friend, Pete (Christopher Reed) says: “Having dreams is what makes life tolerable.”

Grade: A

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