Star Trek Into Darkness: A Movie Review

After returning from a mission, Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) is faced with several challenges: first, his demotion and replacement of Spock (Zachary Quinto) onto another vessel, and then a man who is his own weapon: Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch).

A threat to the organization, Kirk makes it his priority to capture and deal with Khan, and in the process discovers that Khan isn’t the only problem he has to deal with.

Not really being a Star Trek fan, I was still interested in seeing this movie after I had the chance to watch the first 20 minutes at the midnight premiere of The Hobbit. I had also watched the first Star Trek remake in 2009, and enjoyed it so knew there was probably a slim chance I would hate it. The overall movie was very entertaining. The make up and visual effects were great, and the acting was phenomenal.

The only complaint I would have about it, which is really my own fault in a way, is that there were some parts that I didn’t quite understand. I wasn’t sure if it was because I’ve only ever seen a few episodes of the original Star Trek and Star Trek Next Generation, or if I should have rewatched the first movie over again. But I have heard that before seeing Star Trek Into Darkness, you should really watch The Wrath of Khan (1982) so you get the full story of who Khan is.

Grade: A

One thought on “Star Trek Into Darkness: A Movie Review

  1. Abrams is one of my favorite directors working right now and after seeing this movie, I can almost guarantee that he won’t make a movie I won’t like. Nice review.

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