Pacific Rim: A Movie Review

The world is at war with aliens. But not the kind that come from another planet. These aliens, called Kaiju, burst from a fissure in the Earth’s core in the Pacific ocean. When the invasion began, we were unprepared and many cities were devastated. But as time went on, we figured out how to fight back. By using massive robots, called Jaegers, we easily defeat the Kaiju. Until they become stronger.

Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) and Yancy Becket (Diego Klattenhoff) are pilots of one of the Jaegers. But when Yancy is killed in action during a fight with a level 4 Kaiju, Raleigh quits piloting. Several years later he’s asked by Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba), leader of the Jaeger program, to return to piloting in their last attempt to save the world before the apocalypse happens. Teaming up with newbie pilot, Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi), the two become what could be the worlds last hope of survival.

I knew nothing about Pacific Rim before I saw it. I barely even saw any previews for it, maybe one at the most. But I’m glad I went and saw it. It’s a great movie for everyone from pre-teen (although it is rated PG-13 most likely for the violence) to older movie goers, especially if you’re interested in robotics, Gundams, and sea monsters.

I do have to admit that one of my favorite parts about this movie was Charlie Day. I’m a big fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so when Charlie came into the movie I got very excited. His character is hilarious, bringing the same type of quirky character he plays in It’s Always Sunny to the big screen, only this character is much smarter and obsessed with Kaiju. The part fantasy, part action, part comedic genres of this film definitely give it something that a lot of recent fantasy movies are missing.

To quote a friend of mine:

“If you like fun, go see this movie. If you don’t like fun, go see this movie. You’ll like fun again.”

Grade: A+

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