The World’s End: A Movie Review

Gary King has hit rock bottom and his fear of what the future holds for him, he decides to convince his high school friends to get together again in their old home town and finish a pub crawl they started 20 years earlier. Although they have all become more mature since those times, through some of Gary’s persuasions, they all agree.

5 guys, 12 bars, 1 epic night.

But what they don’t expect is to come home to find their town has been taken over by robots. As their only hope for survival, the five decide to save their once beloved town. But not without confronting their own inner demons as well.

Putting it simply, The World’s End is hilarious. It has the same comedic attributes that Shaun of the Dead had and will surely become a classic in no time. However, unlike Shaun of the Dead, The World’s End addresses the trials, tribulations, and fears that come with growing up. So while it’s a great comedy to watch when you need a good laugh, I think it may also be kind of therapeutic for the adult having a mid-life crisis.

With comedy, robots, and beer, what more could you ask for?

Grade: A+

4 thoughts on “The World’s End: A Movie Review

  1. Good review. A very fun, exciting and altogether, hilarious movie. However, it’s not as great or as genre-defining as the last two of the trilogy, so that works against it in a way.

    • Yeah, I agree… I can see it having a cult following just because it’s Simon Peggy and Nick Frost, but it doesn’t have a distinct genre to help it.

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