Oblivion: A Movie Review

In the future the Earth is desolate and the only people left are working on securing the planets remaining resources. But as the days to returning to the mother ship with the rest of the crew comes closer, Jack (Tom Cruise) starts to believe there is more behind the story of what really happened than headquarters is letting them in on.

When Oblivion first came out in the theater, I was very interested in seeing it, but didn’t have the chance to see it. However, after catching it on TV, I’m pretty glad I didn’t have the chance to see it in the theater. While the beginning of the movie was great and grabbed my attention, as they began unraveling the whole plot it just became confusing and unbelievable. The movie plot did not go where you thought it would, which isn’t always bad because that could lead to some great surprises that make the movie more interesting. But I thought the rest of the plot just began to fall flat, as if they had no idea what to write next so just threw any crazy plot twist onto the page and said, “Yeah, that’ll work!”

I do think the plot was interesting, though, but I just wish they went a different direction with it. I’d definitely like to hear what other people thought of this movie, so please comment with your thoughts!

Grade: B-

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