Fundraising Efforts

Over ten years ago, my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Many of you may know of this disease because it’s what Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with. Although he was diagnosed years ago, we just started recently signing up for Parkinson’s walks to help raise funds for research. On April 19, me and my family will be participating in our second walk at the Philadelphia Zoo. With the event almost a month away, several family members voiced concerns that, instead of raising money for research, we should be raising money for my dad’s medical expenses.

I personally believe that neither raising money for research or raising money for my dad is more important than the other. I think they are equally important things that need to be done. My dad no longer works and has no health insurance so his medications started to become pricey. Currently, there is one medication he can no longer afford so he has to stop taking it (which is no good). On the other hand, Parkinson’s research is also important because it’s how they will be able to find a cure or at least better ways to prevent and handle the disease.

So, my sister and I decided to try to raise money for both causes, keeping in mind that a lot of people are tight on money and may not be able to donate at all. So I’m working on at least sharing our fundraising pages as much as possible and I ask that you share it as well. There is no telling who may be able to help so spreading the word is better than nothing at all.

Please share: Help John Pay Medical Expenses

2 thoughts on “Fundraising Efforts

  1. Casey, have you heard of a website You put in your zip code, and the medication you are taking, and it tells you the cheapest pharmacy cash prices in your area. It also sometimes provides discount cards and coupons so you can pay less for your medications.

    My sister shared your blog post this morning; our father passed away in November 1998 from Parkinson’s complications. Research, and even Michael J. Fox’s diagnosis, were in its early stages. I shared her post, with the hopes that you are able to help your dad see the advances in research that my dad didn’t get to see.

    Best of luck to you and your family – make sure you take care of yourself in the process, (same for every family member) because you can’t help the sick if you are sick yourself. It’s easy to forget that you need downtime and a release as well. Don’t feel guilty for taking it. **HUGS**

    • Thank you, Cathy! I will have to look into it. I believe Jefferson (where my dad goes for treatment) was able to give him a months supply of the medication for free and he should have health insurance by April 1. But i will definitely look into the website you suggested just in case!

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