Gone Girl: A Movie Review

Credit: IMDB

On their wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne comes home to find his wife, Amy, is missing. He immediately reports the disturbance in his home and begins his frantic search for his wife. But as the search goes on, life for Nick starts to careen out of control as he becomes the main suspect.

When I saw the trailer for Gone Girl I honestly had no idea what it was about. I don’t think the trailer did a good job at portraying exactly what to expect. But after seeing the film, I think that might have been a good move to make. Unless you read the book (or are terrific at figuring out mysteries) Gone Girl had a pretty shocking middle and ending (yes, a double whammy).

Personally, I thought the story line was amazing. This is one book turned movie that I hadn’t read the book first, but even after seeing the film and knowing what happens I still really want to read the book just to see if there are any differences. Although I did feel like the movie could’ve ended sooner than it did, I did like that it kept going because it let the viewer see more into all the different characters and what exactly what was going through their heads through the entire investigation.

Short review, but I don’t want to give too much away. I highly recommend seeing Gone Girl especially if you are a fan of mysteries. I do know some people were hesitant on seeing it because they heard it was “depressing”, and while I can see where people would think that I personally didn’t think it was too depressing. However, it was definitely a movie that you had to sit and think about at the end.

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